Artists with Vision


NOOXART is the core CSR program of MyOffice – The program’s mission is to Identify Young Lebanese Artists, provide them with guidance and assistance in their pursuit of the arts, and raise far the appreciation and support of their work. This program was launched in January 2013, with only the original Noox artist (Nour Abdallah) on board; whereas, today we celebrate the joining of three additional exceptional young artists to NOOXART (Joelle Daghdaghani, Maryam Haidar & Mohamed Abdallah).


NOOXART was created to ensure the future and continuity of Lebanese young artists by identifying and nurturing exceptionally gifted candidates. MyOffice is one of a few organizations, if not alone, in Lebanon to provide such a CSR program that is intended to support the Lebanese Youth sustain a respectful lifestyle and income while living and working from their countryside and moving Lebanon’s most talented young artists a little closer to their dreams.



Kids really enjoy painting, and what the society doesn’t realize is that painting is a great activity for the child’s development as well.  It will also help the children think outside the borders of their surroundings and expand their vision and dreams – because Painting frees your mind.

Painting will change those children’s life as they will gain the self-esteem and confidence they never knew they possessed.

Painting provides an excellent source of personal relaxation and even physical therapy. It allows you to associate creativity with every aspect of your life, not just on the canvas.  Through painting you will discover in yourself a greater awareness of the beauty of nature.

Last but not least, these artists will become productive members of their society and be part of the future economy of their countryside.


“Art is Peace, and Lebanon needs it the most! That’s why I would like this program to contribute in a way or another in producing a lesser aggressive environment and a friendlier and more Creative one for a better future to our Lebanese Youth” By NOOX


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