Born out of the experience and desire to make market entry into the business community easier and more affordable for the individuals with disabilities, this private initiative is the brainchild of MyOffice enterprise, an innovative venture that provides office solutions, customized to its targets’ specific needs.

We are welcoming you today, as a part of our company’s desire to give back to the community. MyOffice shall provide its services to a number of Lebanese individuals with disabilities with outstanding ambition, helping to ensure a fair chance at creating a foundation for their future.

People with Disabilities in Lebanon possess business ambition but cannot:

  • Function well or at all outside their comfort zone due to their disability.
  • Manage some or all of the regular business functions and/or office management & responsibilities

Based on the above identified case, we would like to firmly note that our proposed “Able the Disabled” initiative shall seriously reinforce both the Lebanese economy and the people with disabilities by acting as a counter measure to their existing obstacles and thus help in creating more business opportunities all over Lebanon leading to a stronger economy. Also and most importantly, when we revise closely this type of beneficiaries, we discover that we can turn this workforce from a negative load in Lebanon to a national positive outcome by helping them setup their own businesses while remaining in their comfort zones and environments.

Defining the identity of this type of Beneficiaries:

People with disabilities whereas a disability is a complex, multi-dimensional human experience that often resists definition and measurement, refers to a physical, sensory or mental limitation that interferes with a person’s ability to move, see, hear or learn; a handicap refers to a condition or barrier imposed by the environment, society or oneself.

Status and obstacles facing this type of Beneficiaries in Lebanon:

  • People with disabilities face attitudinal and environmental barriers to participation in many areas of life.
  • People with disabilities have no right in education: when disabled people are denied education, and not their disabilities that limit them. A disproportionately large number of adults and children with disabilities live in residential institutions which isolate them from daily life.
  • Compared with the general population, persons with disabilities had low levels of educational attainment. 38.2% could not read or write, compared with 11.3% in the general population.
  • People with disabilities have inactive participation in the community. 10 to 15% of the Lebanese population living with disability only 17% is employed.
  • Unequal human rights and fundamental freedoms and access to health.
  • No access to information.
  • Finally, Persons with disabilities have to work harder to address their exclusion from education, employment, transport systems and healthcare.
  • The cause of all problems experienced by people with disabilities, in 2000, Lebanon adopted Law 220 on the Rights of Disabled Persons (Law 220/2000).
    • States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to ensure that persons with disabilities can exercise the right to freedom of expression and opinion, including the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas on an equal basis with others and through all forms of communication of their choice, as defined in article 2 of the present Convention but first of all the society should accepting and understanding the problem.
    • The law is mainly built around a set of rights integrating citizens with disabilities into social and economic life, through employment, transport and housing quotas, and guarantees of health and educational services.
    • Law 220/2000 says: ‘the entire world has come to believe that every person, whatever his physical or intellectual capacities have the right to enjoy life on an equal basis with others’.

Intersection between our “Able the Disabled” initiative & services:

Our initiative shall greatly award people with disabilities in Lebanon on the middle to long term by taking into consideration their needs for Low cost, Consultancy, Guidance, Privacy and Professionalism and by providing them with the respective and needed business tools in Lebanon such as a corporate identity and private Address to conduct all their private business meetings and receive all their mail and faxes far from friends and public.

Thus, and as an economic and most efficient solution to all the above problems and findings, we are proposing the promotion and presentation of smart business facilities such as MyOffice as a tested solution to organize and cater the serious needs of doing business in Lebanon by offering them virtual offices (as per below details) without losing the comfort of their household.

What is the MyOffice’s program serving this type of Beneficiaries:

  • Starting a business can be a great opportunity for many people with disabilities.
  • In addition to meeting career aspirations and goals, owning your own business can provide benefits such as work flexibility and financial stability. This resources help disabled people start grow and manage a small business.
  • MyOffice launched its CSR program to support people with disabilities and help them become more productive citizens and participate in all field of life especially in Business. MyOffice provide smart business solution (Virtual office) mainly for people with disabilities to become safe to us, to have a business identity and presence even if he is at home.
  • The most important service that MyOffice offered is:
    • Building entrance, elevators and offices are friendly-equipped to serve people with disabilities.
    • Office manager responsible for managing daily activities.
    • Meeting room available at any time of your need.
    • 24/7 electricity and accessibility.
    • Fully serviced and furnished offices.
    • Customized phone answering system.
    • Voice message handling and forwarding to email.
    • Office cleaning, maintenance and basic consumables.
    • Distinct address for your business’s identity reflecting your company’s credibility and presence.

We believe that hard work should be rewarded and everyone should have an equal opportunity. Who better to support than our very own Lebanese youth? For more information on MyOffice‘s services, please take a look at the attached introductory packet or contact us at for any further details.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Truly yours,
Samer I. Al-Abdallah

MYOFFICE (a REVIEW S.A.R.L. product)

What is the MyOffice Proposed Package?

MyOffice is offering its Virtual Office package which is an online office solution that equips businesses with intelligent e-services, such as offsite live communication, a corporate address and postal service, providing you with the full advantage of carrying out day-to-day operations from any location – even from the comfort of your own home.  This solution is the ideal and cost-efficient choice for home-based enterprises or organizations that don’t need a permanent physical presence to conduct business or daily operations. A person can operate anywhere – locally and globally – without ever having to get in a car or on a plane, while also reducing power consumption:


Located in the heart and most attractive business environment of Beirut.
Building & Elevators are environment friendly to the people with disabilities.
Fully furnished and equipped conference room (charges apply)
Ultra elegant reception & welcoming area
Casual seating area: Terrace overlooking sea and Hamra Street suitable for multiple recreational purposes
Management Operation: Monday till Friday from 9am till 5pm & Saturdays till 2pm (Excluding holidays)
Office Manager
24/7 Online System (Including holidays)
24/7 Electricity
24/7 accessibility (depending on chosen Business plan)
Flexible packages to suit your need: per hour, day, week, month, or year (depending on chosen Business plan)
Provides a distinct address for your business’s identity reflect your company’s credibility; alongside an impressive forum from which to conduct your daily business activities and meet your clientele.
A multitude of advanced communication solutions supporting your Global reach and presence, anywhere and anytime, through accredited 3rd parties providing state of the art Global Networks system (Lebanon, Australia, UK, USA, South Africa, China, Japan, Switzerland and much more).
Customized Phone answering System
Fax services and Fax forwarding to email
Voice Message handling and forwarding to Email
Message, Mail & Courier handling (Additional charges only apply in case of forwarding to nominated address)
Transfer of your calls to nominated land or mobile, local or International numbers.
Opportunities to exchange ideas and expertise among various members of our business community.
Accessibility and reach to a wide range of needed and useful business services
MyOffice is linked to a global network that extends across 35 countries and 105 locations around the world.
Freelance professionals affiliated with MyOffice are also available to provide guidance if a client should so require. This includes, but is not limited to, media and marketing, legal and financial advice:

The estimate cost per Individual/Business is 3,000$ per year but beneficiaries of this program may apply here to receive their special discounts:

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